Meet Our Staff

The staff at St. Francis Xavier school come from diverse backgrounds.  The faculty is state certified and brings more than fifty years of classroom teaching experience.  Every teacher expresses a personal commitment to academic excellence and to Christian values. Teachers seek professional associations through workshops, in-services, and advanced degrees.

Pastor: Fr. Riley Williams (

Principal: Mrs. Michelle Russo (

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Anabela Shaughnessy (

Secretary: Mrs. Beth Reis (

Small Wonders (PS3):
Lead – Mrs. Amy Plante
Classroom Aide – Mrs. Melissa Maldonado

Pre-School 4 (PS4):
Lead – Ms. Michelle Cordeiro

Pre-School 4 (PS4):
Lead – Miss Nicole Dandurand
Classroom Aide – Mrs. Linda Duff

Lead – Mrs. Catherine Jason
Classroom Aide – Mrs. Kari Motto

1st Grade:
Lead – Mrs. Jennie Martel
Classroom Aide – Mrs. Marina Araujo

2nd Grade:
Lead – Mrs. Jennifer Larkin
Classroom Aide – Mrs. Lori Gomes

3rd Grade: Mrs. Paula Ferullo
Classroom Aide – Miss Alyssa Isidoro

4th Grade: Miss Melissa Cournoyer

5th Grade: Mrs. Laurie Bentley

6th Grade (6-8 Science): Mrs. Anabela Shaughnessy

7th Grade (6-8 Hist/Lit): Mr. Arthur Ferreira

8th Grade (6-8 Rel/ELA): Mr. Christopher Simonson

Math 6-7 / Algebra 1 / Technology Coordinator: Mr. Mitchell Sylvester

Part-time Special Education Facilitator: Kristen Vieira

Spanish (K-8): Mrs. Estella De la Cruz

Art & Music (K-5): Mrs. Benares Angeley

Physical Ed: Provided through Young World (Mr. Hector Amaro)

Nurses: Mrs. Laura Duarte, RNMrs. Maura Manning, RN

Extended Care Staff: Mrs. Sandra Vigeant & Mrs. Davignon

Property Manager: Mr. John Guillotte

Alumni/Volunteer: Mrs. Therese Ledoux

Website Support: Mrs. Holly Clavell